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The Front Steps Project

As of May 23rd I am no longer taking sign ups for this project but please still consider donating to the cause!

Story behind #TheFrontStepsProject

Starting Sunday March 22nd, I started offering to take five minute ‘Front Steps Portraits' of Plymouth residents while giving 100% of your donations to the South Shore Community Action Council. In just one week we raised $2,050! We still have a few more days of shooting left (follow along to see the families on my Facebook page) so once I am done I will update the total. As 5/23 we raised an additional $575! Let's keep going!

All the donations to South Shore Community Action Counsel through this GoFundMe Campaign directly helps to feed 600 (!) of our fellow neighbors in Plymouth and Middleboro and they still need our help.

Please consider donating to the Go Fund Me page! Thank you Plymouth for your support <3 

Front Steps Project
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